Birthday Music

This idea was borrowed from my friend Sheridan over at Five Awesome Things. She posted a birthday playlist of songs that had moved her over the past year (don’t have to be released in the past year, just songs that were important to you). It sounded like such a cool idea that I wanted to … More Birthday Music


I am a perfectionist. A dyed-in-the-wool, anxiety-disorder having, panic attack having perfectionist. I hate the term perfectionist.  It always felt to me that it mplied uptight, stick-in-the-mud, desiring of everything in it’s proper place and lined up magazines. Whereas my perfectionism takes the form of being so afraid of messing things up, that I won’t … More Perfection


I discovered today that they use different sized needles to give different shots.  I hadn’t noticed this previously, because I make it my mission to not look when needles are coming at me.  But I got three shots today, and I could feel the difference…which was a little creepy. Apparently, when you get the MMR … More Needles