2012: Day One

They say (the ubiquitous they who populate our cultural headspace with legend) that whatever you are doing New Year’s Day is what the rest of your year will be like. In that case, in 2012, I will apparently be rising obscenely early, running, reading funny books, and driving in LA. Woo New Year! My husband … More 2012: Day One


Tonight, I have to do two things.  Take a shower, and do my reading.  I have a feeling only one of them will get done.  I hope it’s the shower.

Where to start?

It’s been awhile…I’d use the excuse that life got crazy except it isn’t true.  I stopped writing because life got boring, and it’s just now getting crazy again. I have officially begun grad school.  The first week just ended.  And let me just say, this is the first time in my life that I have … More Where to start?


I am a perfectionist. A dyed-in-the-wool, anxiety-disorder having, panic attack having perfectionist. I hate the term perfectionist.  It always felt to me that it mplied uptight, stick-in-the-mud, desiring of everything in it’s proper place and lined up magazines. Whereas my perfectionism takes the form of being so afraid of messing things up, that I won’t … More Perfection

Earthquake Water

I have very little to say, as I have started off my Sunday night with 2 shots, chased with grape/pomegranate/blueberry juice (fantastic). We just completed a marathon shopping trip to Henry’s, Costco, and Vons.  It wasn’t marathon according to how much we bought, just according to how many stores we had to drive to.  We … More Earthquake Water