Team NutriBullet Long Run #1

The first long run of the LA Marathon training cycle is in the bag.

And I’m sore.

Which is a little disheartening, given that the run was only 40 minutes. A quick out-and-back through the VA, or what is lovingly referred to as “the wall” of the LA Marathon. Honestly, when I ran LA in 2012, I don’t remember the VA being all that bad, but the long march down San Vicente felt like it was 26.2 miles in itself.

I realize though, that I’m only disheartened by my soreness because I’m trying to compare myself to the me I was 3 years ago, when I could knock out a double-digit run on a weekend easily, and follow it with several single-digit runs during the week without any issues.

Before the run started on Saturday, our head coach Jimmy had a great message for the assembled runners about how we didn’t need to compare ourselves to our past self, or to our future self, we just needed to try and do a little better than our self that we are today. That the commitment is what is important, not how we feel at any given moment.

I carried that with me out on the run, and had a great 40 minutes running with Lisa, who I know from the Coyotes. We ran, walked, and chatted, and came back hot and sweaty to enjoy our first blast every from the new NutriBullet food truck. I also had time to chat with some of my other teammates, and can’t wait to get to know more of them.

And while it’s harder to remember not to compare myself with past me when I’m not surrounded by incredible coaches, trainers, mentors, and teammates, it is definitely something I’m going to be working on over the next 5 months. I’m super excited to have such a wonderful group of people – from the CEO of NutriBullet all the way down through each individual teammate – working towards the same goal.

Today is about the commitment. A blast this morning, followed by hydrating, stretching, and good nutrition. One day at a time towards February 14.

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