All 10 Targets

Photo of a woman wearing running clothes, a mylar blanket, and an LA Marathon medal
LA Marathon 2012…3 years later, I’m coming for you again!

During the summer, my husband and I often end up watching one really ridiculous reality show. And when I say watching, I mean marathoning. All of the shows that I schedule in my tv watching app (yes, I have a tv watching app) are on hiatus for the season, I have a lot of free time, and I often want to watch an episode or two of something while I do the dishes or knit.

This summer, we happened upon History’s Top Shot. Despite the name, it has nothing really to do with history, and is a show where marksmen (and the token women invited by the show…grr) compete to see who can shoot the weirdest weapons and challenges the show throws at them. It’s refreshingly low in reality show drama, and high in a skillset I haven’t practiced, which means it’s perfect.

During one particular challenge, competitors were required to throw increasing numbers of clay discs into the air, and hit as many as they could on the way down. Leo noticed that when the competitors went to throw 10 at a time in the air, if they started shooting with the goal of hitting all 10 targets, they often missed one, and then panicked and started shooting wildly since their goal was blown. However, a competitor who started off just trying to do their best would not be as thrown by a miss, and would often hit 6 or 7 of the targets.

Which led to my newest habit paradigm. I’m incredibly guilty of always trying to hit all 10 targets. The moment I miss – by eating poorly, skipping a workout, going to bed too late – I panic and the rest of the week (or training plan) goes downhill from there. I tend to project far into the future and imagine the consequences of my (tiny, insignificant) action, instead of recognizing that one slip or one miss won’t determine the entire course of the future (despite the plotline of every dystopic novel telling me it will – maybe I read too much?)

In the weeks leading up to the first Nutribullet practice, I’ve worked hard to not aim for all 10 targets. I’ve tried to run consistently, and when life or poor nutrition choices have made running too difficult or seemed like it might lead to injury, I’ve gone on a walk instead, or taken my runs very very slowly. I’ve aimed for practicing good nutrition, but not freaked out over the days I forgot to bring lunch to work. And most of all, I’ve resisted the temptation to try and immediately be back to my 20-30 mile/week days of 2 years ago (which would lead to injury) and instead decided to enjoy the challenge of training up slowly, consistently and responsibly from my current base.

Practices start tomorrow…I can’t wait!

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