Grad School: First Quarter Wrap-Up

I have officially finished my first quarter of grad school!  Now, grades aren’t in yet, but all finals have been completed and turned in to their various professors.  Since I now have a glorious three weeks off, I wanted to take a look at how my Fall Quarter went, before the notorious Winter Quarter begins.

Time Management: Could use improvement.  While I attended (most) classes, I definitely did not do all, or even the majority of the readings.  I was often stuck on campus for 2 or 3 hours between a class and another activity, and tended to only succeed in refreshing Facebook and Jezebel several times. I may attempt 4 classes next quarter, so my “fucking around on the Internet” time needs to decrease.  I also procrastinated like crazy on my finals, resulting in a final that definitely didn’t exhibit my best work in my favorite class. 😦

Score: 4/10


Papers: While the time at which I started my papers could use improvement (see above), I feel like most of my papers were well thought out, coherent, and used relevant sources well.  I also wrote two papers above 10 pages, which was a max unheard of to me in regular academic writing (what?!  All my undergrad papers were 5 pages or so.)

Score: 8/10


Socializing: I attended two club events, met several new people, and worked on a panel with two people I had previously never met.  While I am definitely getting better at the casual small-talk, I would like to work on talking to more people more consistently, and to form closer friendships with the people I already know.  I have a lot of trouble inviting people to go do things, so that may be a goal for next quarter.

Score: 7/10


Overall Health: My workouts were definitely not very focused.  Often I was only going to my gymnastics and ballet classes and doing no cross-training.  But I improved a great deal in both classes, and towards the end of the quarter, I started working out with more consistently.  My schedule next quarter may help me improve this category.

Score: 7/10


All in all, the quarter went well.  As one of my professors said, just getting through the first quarter of grad school is an accomplishment in itself.


So what’s on the schedule for winter break?  Well, lots of driving.  Since both of our families are still in San Diego County, we’re going to be making the LA-to-San-Diego drive far more times than I’d like to.  But having a car buddy, and trying to catch those rare no-traffic times, make it a little more tolerable.

I’m also planning on hitting the gym every chance I get, so that I will be ready for gymnastics when it starts up again.  I’m working on my upper body strength and abs, since we’re learning back handsprings and front tucks when we get back.

And of course, CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!!! (  My cleaning skills, which admittedly are a little spotty, become downright non-existent at the end of a quarter.  Time to actually find out what’s under the books all over my side of the bedroom.  Not to mention the laundry.

And now it’s time for bed, I have library work all day tomorrow (last day before official vacation!)  Hopefully I get to spend all day cataloging the folios…instead of watching DreamWeaver tutorials in the reading room!


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