Where to start?

It’s been awhile…I’d use the excuse that life got crazy except it isn’t true.  I stopped writing because life got boring, and it’s just now getting crazy again.

I have officially begun grad school.  The first week just ended.  And let me just say, this is the first time in my life that I have sat in a class and thought, “I better get a whole lot smarter before these 3 hours are up, or else I’m in trouble.”  The level of everything has gone up way higher, and it’s really exciting.  Although 2 classes on the nature of information and its relation to society are…trying.  Especially the readings.  So says the girl who whined about not having homework during the summer.

I’m also signed up for two ballet classes at the campus gym, and will hopefully (fingers crossed) be getting a job on campus.  Off campus would be fine too, but that’s obviously the second choice.

Currently, Leo and I are camping with friends.  Although, if we’re going to be completely honest, I am currently sitting in a Starbucks at an outlet mall.  Leo had a juggling gig, so we left the campsite, drove here, and will drive back up tomorrow night.  I got a Starbucks and a sweet pair of Gap leggings out of the deal, so it’s been a good night, albeit a good night with very little studying.

I expect to be writing a lot more, there will be a post on Los Angeles and its craziness soon.


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