Internets win?

I can’t believe I just won something on the internet.  I am literally floored.  It’s a little ridiculous.

I won a Glo Paperless Wedding Stationary giveaway on  The giveaway is from

You should check them both out.  I’ve been reading A Practical Wedding forever, and other than Offbeat Bride ( it’s the only really sane source of wedding/marriage planning and advice that I’ve found on the internet.  Simple, realistic, and down to earth.

And Glo is amazing!  After working in offices for awhile, the amount of paper being used around the world is just staggering to me.  If our little party can reduce some of that waste, them I’m totally down.


3 thoughts on “Internets win?

  1. Thanks to you for entering! Your comment was fab, and I’m so pleased that you won. Have fun choosing another winner and be sure to email me at taryn {at} glosite {dot} com so that we can get you set up with your free account.

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