We had a fantastic 4th of July holiday.  Our new mission is to go on a hike every Sunday, since our surrounding area has a lot of natural canyons and large hills (some would call them mountains, but I think they’d be mistaken about that).  We did a 5 mile loop that went up to about 800 feet, came back down, went to 500, and then came back down again to 0.

We also went to the neighborhood fireworks show, and were completely floored by the number of people there.  As we were walking through the park, which was packed with around 500 people, it suddenly felt like a holiday.  It also felt like we haven’t been taking advantage of the community that we have around us.  I guess better late than never, although it does make me determined to do better in the next place we live.

The weekend ended quietly, with us watching the Tour de France online (stage 2) and trying to go for a run.  I say trying, because we both came down with colds last night, so the run was more of a long walk with bursts of fatigued running.

So I’m off to work, and I’m going to try not to scare patients away with my nose blowing every two seconds.  We’ll see how that goes.


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