Iron Man 2 – Review

We went to see Iron Man 2 today…mostly because it had finally made it to the dollar theater (which is actually 2 dollars…don’t ask me why it’s called the dollar theater). I adored the first Iron Man movie, mostly for the character that Robert Downey Jr. created.  I want a t-shirt that has a picture … More Iron Man 2 – Review

Hiking in SoCal

Lesson number one: When hiking in summer, especially on a trail that ascends close to 800 feet very quickly, you should always bring water.  Otherwise, you may feel slightly less than optimal. This was me about halfway through our hike.  Contrast that with a picture of Leo…. Who appears to still be able to stand … More Hiking in SoCal

Update of Randomness

I am awake at a normal person hour on a Sunday…mostly because it is too hot to sleep any more.  Southern CA is having a “weather advisory” as they’re calling it online, but what it really means is that it’s just hot. Despite the moaning, I really do love this time of the year more … More Update of Randomness


We had a fantastic 4th of July holiday.  Our new mission is to go on a hike every Sunday, since our surrounding area has a lot of natural canyons and large hills (some would call them mountains, but I think they’d be mistaken about that).  We did a 5 mile loop that went up to … More Community