Earthquake Water

I have very little to say, as I have started off my Sunday night with 2 shots, chased with grape/pomegranate/blueberry juice (fantastic).

We just completed a marathon shopping trip to Henry’s, Costco, and Vons.  It wasn’t marathon according to how much we bought, just according to how many stores we had to drive to.  We went to Henry’s because they were letting you buy 10 pounds of potatoes for 98 cents (!).  Costco was for olive oil, tuna, and two cases of earthquake water (water in case the Big One hits CA and we are left without resources).  We’re putting a case of water in each of our cars, and one in our apartment.  We then went to Vons for more alfredo sauce and pasta for dinner.

We spent the entire day cleaning the apartment, and it looks pretty good!  We’ve finally gotten everything we want to donate out of the house and into my car, with the exception of the TV that is sitting on our porch.  I really need to call the Salvation Army and get them to come pick everything up.

Work tomorrow…I think at 9pm.  I’ve been spending all weekend looking at course descriptions for grad school.  I just sent in my official letter of acceptance on Friday, and I can’t wait to finally start.


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