I discovered today that they use different sized needles to give different shots.  I hadn’t noticed this previously, because I make it my mission to not look when needles are coming at me.  But I got three shots today, and I could feel the difference…which was a little creepy. Apparently, when you get the MMR … More Needles

Earthquake Water

I have very little to say, as I have started off my Sunday night with 2 shots, chased with grape/pomegranate/blueberry juice (fantastic). We just completed a marathon shopping trip to Henry’s, Costco, and Vons.  It wasn’t marathon according to how much we bought, just according to how many stores we had to drive to.  We … More Earthquake Water

Vampire Mondays

This morning, I woke up at 6:30.  This was not due to choice, but due to someone calling my phone TWICE.  It was a wrong number.  I get between 10 and 12 of these a week, looking for Quality Loan Service.  It seems that the number for Quality Loan Service is 1 number off from … More Vampire Mondays

Just The Facts

I am a 23-year-old soon-to-be grad student, living in Southern California. I live with Leo, who will soon marry me (who I will soon marry?) and 2 cats.  *edit: possibly now 3 cats* I hope to become a librarian. I read a lot. According to some people, I watch too much TV. According to me … More Just The Facts